Crisis Respite

Child Youth Crisis Respite

Crisis Respite is a service that was established by MASH Trust in 2006. This Service provides respite for people aged between 5-18 years who are experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues. The goals of crisis respite are safety, stabilisation and ongoing treatment and we offer a short-term, voluntary residential programme with a maximum of a 7 day stay.

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House Programme

Crisis respite provides a programme that is based upon the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of practice (Durie, M . (1994). Whaiora: Maori Health Development (2nd Ed). Oxford University Press: Auckland). Te Whare Tapa Wha helps us look at key areas of our life, health and wellbeing. The whare (house) as a whole represents our wellbeing. Each tapa (wall) represents an aspect of our wellbeing which helps to support the structure of the house.

The four areas of wellbeing in Te Whare Tapa Wha are:

  1.  Te Taha Whanau (family well-being)
  2.  Te Taha Tinana (physical well-being)
  3.  Te Taha Wairua (spiritual wellbeing)
  4.  Te Taha Hinengaro (emotional, mental wellbeing)

The team provides a youth-friendly supportive home environment and we are committed to providing a quality service to meet the needs of young people who experience mental health and/or addictions issues.

The Referral Process

All clients referred must be under the umbrella of following services and therefore need to meet the criteria for these services:

  • Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Services;
  • Oranga Hinengaro (MidCentral District Health Board);
  • Other identified community providers

Once an initial assessment has taken place and the young person meets the eligibility criteria, access to this service can be immediate if there is a vacancy available

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