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MASH Trust is a non-government organisation and registered charity that has been operating since 1989, when it was founded to provide accommodation and sheltered housing. Today MASH provides a wide range of support services for approximately 1,700 people with mental health conditions, disabilities, alcohol and addiction struggles and youth respite care.

Our services are offered in a number of settings including day programmes, support in people’s own homes, support within MASH homes, and support in the community. MASH operates throughout the lower North Island in Wellington, Kapiti, Horowhenua, Palmerston North, and Hawkes Bay with over 550 staff and volunteers.

The services we provide include:

  • Mental Health Recovery Services (supported homes and community-based support)
  • Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
  • Disability Services (supported homes and community-based support)
  • Rehabilitation Services (community-based support)
  • Social Services (community-based support)
  • Child/Youth Crisis Respite Service
  • LUCK venue
  • Friendship Facilitation Service
  • Support in the Community Services

Our Values

Our mission statement of “working together to achieve great lives” is key to ensuring we will:

  • Build open RELATIONSHIPS based on honesty and respect
  • COMMUNICATE with an open mind and heart
  • Recognise and promote the MANA and strengths of the individual
  • Take OPPORTUNITIES to learn and grow together.
  • BELIEVE that together we will make a difference.
  • Make FUN a goal.
Image Of Mash Hand that has MASH Values

What People Say

MASH do a great job.  They take me to the movies, out walking, to Stairways and Team Zone. From my experience MASH has helped me to live my life.   I wanted to be part of a basketball team, and the staff have supported me to achieve this and also be part of the Special Olympics. My experience with MASH has been helpful, good actually.   If I get angry, which I sometimes do, staff are always there to listen to me and talk to me about it. The staff are helping me to learn to stop staring at people and focus on myself instead which is very important to me.

I am very happy with the support I have now.  Maybe I could try to get into more about learning to be a grown up and not be so lazy all the time – I could possibly learn how to do the gardening or mowing the lawns. I would like to learn how to wash the car as I used to do this when I was with my dad.

From my experience MASH is helping me to live my life.

My experience with MASH has been fantastic.  From the first phone call MASH went out of their way to help and organise things for Renee as I didn’t know what I could do for my daughter.  MASH made it all go so smoothly and easily. To be honest, if I had known about MASH earlier, I would have taken Renee out of college when she was 16 and sent her to MASH.   MASH is better than the schooling system she was receiving – you are wonderful to her and she comes home tired after having a great day.   She goes off to day-base in the mornings singing a little song that we have made about day base and Renee is full of smiles.   Renee is disappointed when the weekends come as she just wants to go to day-base every day.

From my experience MASH does absolutely amazing things for the people they support.    You do so much at the day base and take them on little trips.  What you do and the services you provide are incredible.  From my experience, I would give you 20 out of 10.

I would recommend MASH to everyone.  Your look after my daughter so well.  Why would I look at other providers when MASH is the best.

The support our family member, Andrew, receives from the MASH team is outstanding and they show a huge amount of heart when caring and supporting him.  The staff continually exceed our expectation with their high level of professionalism and kindness.  Communication with Andrew is excellent, and the family are kept well-informed and really enjoy feeling part of the whole process.   The carers are very perceptive and can ‘read’ Andrew and this really helps ensure his needs are clearly understood.  We often think of good communication as ‘informing, talking, listening’, but what I’m referring to as a great communication skill is the bat-like radar the carers seem to have to perceive subtle cues.

I feel very satisfied with MASH and know that if at any time I thought they could provide more support, I would simply raise it with them and the issue would be resolved constructively.

MASH are wonderful carers who are so patient and seem unruffled while accomplishing such a tough job.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any person requiring disability services support.

“I believe MASH Trust’s services are an essential part of our Community and future development. I am incredibly grateful to the staff, for the opportunity to attend Monarch and for their ongoing support and guidance – it is all a vital part of my recovery”

“They really care about you at MASH, we are treated like humans.  I have gained so much confidence in the Monarch Program, I actually speak up and talk to people now, I am not afraid to be me”

“Since MASH, life has been more easier and bearable to live. Every day has its challenges but with the support from my keyworkers, I have been able to face day to day struggles whereas in the past I found it difficult”

“I didn’t know what respecting myself was until I came to MASH.  Because everyone respected me, I learned to respect myself.  I am clean, sober and no longer in an abusive relationship.  I am still healing but I now know that healing takes time.  Their support saved my life and made me a better mom to my kids. I now can show them how to live a better life”

My family and I are very pleased with the services that Mash provides “you guys are tops”. The home is friendly, the staff are very positive and supportive, and the food is great!

They are good at taking care of me and taking me from place to place – to visit mum, taking me to appointments and church, and other activities like visiting the SPCA. I am happy with the services they provide and would definitely recommend them to other people who need disability support.

Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is the transformed disability support system which is funded by the New Zealand Government, through the Ministry of Health. It’s a new approach to supporting disabled people that offers greater choice and control over the supports that they receive, so that they can plan for the lives they want. Enabling Good Lives is available in the Christchurch and Waikato DHB regions, and is now being offered in the MidCentral DHB region, where it is known as Mana Whaikaha.

Mana Whaikaha is based on the Enabling Good Lives vision and principles, and is being introduced on a ‘Try, Learn and Adjust’ approach. This will be achieved by allowing people with disabilities and their families to have access to a range of support services and real choices about the kind of support they wish to have. It allows them to know the amount of funding available to them, and be completely in control of making their own informed choices based on their strengths and interests. The main objective of Mana Whaikaha is to make it easier for disabled people and their families to create good lives for themselves.

Mash Trust is able to offer Mana Whaikaha support services to disabled people living within the MidCentral DHB region: in the Manawatu, Horowhenua, Otaki and Tararua districts.

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MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week
MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week
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Our staff preparing meals at LUCK Our staff preparing meals at LUCK
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MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week MASH Whanau Day - Mental awareness Week
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Fiends at a Cafe Fiends at a Cafe
An awesome art Piece An awesome art Piece
Friends at a cafe Friends at a cafe
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